About Us


                     The Quality Policy of Level Energy Solutions is to provide high and consistent quality products to clients, provides a suitable work environment to the employees, provide employee satisfaction by training all staff, to maintain continuous improvement and increase quality awareness.Our commitment is to the safety and proper operation of our customers’ systems where our manufactured or repaired transformers are installed. All work is done in conformance to Level Energy Solutions’ QMS, the applicable technical and administrative operating policies and procedures of Level Energy Solutions, legal and regulatory requirements, and specific customer requirements.Through front-line input and management leadership, we will continue to improve our people and processes to anticipate, meet, and exceed the needs of our customers.We support the continually improving quality of our customer's maintenance and other technical operations through the services we provide.

Our Mission
Manufacturing & marketing safe energy products in order to meet or exceed market expectations and     positivity contribute to developing our society & environment.

Our Vision
To be one of the key players in energy solutions and its related services globally.

Our Values
- Credibility, mutual respect, reliability and integrity.
- Customer loyalty.
- Innovation and continuous improvement.
- Working in a friendly environment.
- Human capital is our greatest asset.
- Quality is uncompromised.

Transformer drying oven
Oil filtration machine
Hv winding machine
Lv winding machine
Short-circuit and open-circuit testing machine
Turns ratio tester
Insulation resistance tester
Winding resistance tester
Oil dielectric strength tester
And many more

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