Transformer services

Transformer services

Trust our experienced staff and state of the art equipment to give your transformer assets a long life and guarantee that you earn maximum value from your investment.

Our customers include large and small utilities, industrial plants, and government facilities.
We offer a wide range of field services covering transformers and transformer components. We provide manufacturer recommended maintenance, scheduled routine servicing and component repairs, including bushings, connections, circuit breakers, electrical and electromechanical assemblies, gaskets, fans, valves, gauges, and tap changers.

  • Transformer oil testing and      analysis in our fully equipped lab for samples drawn by customers or by      Level Energy Solutions technicians.
  • Transformer fluid sampling and      visual inspection.
  • Transformer leak repairs and      re-gasketing
  • Transformer oil re-refining,      degassing and dehydrating
  • Assembly and vacuum oil filling      of new transformers
  • Electrical testing and repairs
  • Tap Changer and OCB Service
  • Painting at customer’s site

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